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Hi Everybody,

I appreciate everyone's patience as I dig myself out of this giant backlog I've found myself in. I'm not really complaining but somehow almost over night my Pure90s have become very popular. Often times now I receive what would normally be a months worth of orders in one day.

Starting very soon I am changing my business model.

I am planning on closing my online store so I can stop taking new orders so that I can concentrate on completing all the orders I have in right now.

My website will remain open to browse models and to contact me. Once I am caught up I will be integrating my store and will be posting several sets of Pure90s and P90s each week that will be ready to ship. If there's a model of pickup that is not listed on Reverb that you would like to order just contact me and we can workout the details.

I think this is going to be the best way for BG Pups to move forward and keep customers, you, happy and myself sane.

If you would like to place an order before I turn off my online store please contact me first.

Again thank you for your patience, support and understanding,

Bryan Gunsher


ALL SALES ARE FINAL/NO REFUNDS please consider this before ordering. Thank you.

Made at 9800ft using all solar power in South Park, Colorado! Established in 2006


Welcome to BG Pups.

Here you can see and listen to my line up of hand crafted pickups I've developed. All pickups are made with the highest quality parts and the utmost care is given to the creation of my pickups. All of my pickups are hand made and assembled by myself at 9800ft using all solar power at my South Park, Colorado workshop. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any questions regarding my pups, please shoot me an email. Thanks, Bryan Gunsher


A note to my valued international customers: Due to the USPS vastly increasing international shipping rates I've had to raise my international shipping rates. I very much dislike having to do this as I value your business very much and will continue to provide you with the best possible products and service.

If you email me and do not receive a response please try emailing me at I believe that I’m not getting all of my emails at my main iCloud email. Thanks!

For the best viewing experience chose to request the desktop site within your browser.


Due to supply chain issues and the fact I am very backed up, I am not giving a time frame on builds. All I can guarantee is that I will make your pickups and ship them to you when they are finished. I am for the foreseeable future offering 20% off of your order for those that have the patience to wait for me to get your pickups finished. If you don't think you have the patience please don't order at this time. ALL SALES ARE FINAL/NO REFUNDS.

Thank you for your understanding.


Acoustic and Mandolin pickups will ship within 2 weeks.

Just an FYI..the time frame given on orders is just an estimate of when your order will be ready. Being a one man business and can never guarantee a delivery date. I'm usually close to what I say but sometimes things are out of my control and orders can take longer. Please consider this when placing an order..thanks!! ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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