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Gypsy Ted Hennington Model

Gypsy Ted Hennington Model


Ted Hennington is guitarist for Stone Senate, whose current album was produced by Grammy winning producer Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Metallica and many others). Ted also plays and writes for Queen City Gypsies, whose music is inspired by the dance of Gypsy Rosehill and the memory of the Gypsy Queen Kelly Mitchell. Ted’s music with these bands and others are played around the world and he has toured extensively throughout his career.


I asked a lot of Bryan when I got him to design my Gypsy signature pickups, they had to do a lot of things exceptionally well but Bryan nailed it and my BG Gypsy humbuckers are by far the best pickups I’ve ever heard. From the many varied tones of Queen City Gypsies to the straight ahead great classic rock sound of Stone Senate these pickups do it all and I am so proud to be a part of BG Pickups. Bryan just has something really special in his work, grab a set of these Gypsies and let his magic take you on a journey.


Bridge A5 16.8K  Neck A5 8.8k

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