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About BG

BG Pups resides in a log cabin nestled deep in the highlands of the Rocky Mountains in South Park Colorado. In all of my centuries of testing I've found that if you want a woody sound to your pickup, you need to surround yourself with lots of wood. Hence the reason we live in a log cabin in the woods. Our magnetically charged wooden ions are killer in these parts.
All of my pups are wound on a magical scatter winder that winds in both directions. Fender and Gibson. Every few hundred winds or so I apply a special brew to the coil. This brew was given to me by an old Haitian voodoo priestess I met in the swamps of Florida many years ago while I was searching for the age old question, alnico 2 or alnico 5. She told me this brew contained bodily fluids of a few semi famous blues players who had sold there souls to the devil throughout the years and it would bring great tone and phrasing to all who possessed just a small portion of this potion.

Once the pickup is wound to the precise ratio of scatter to parallel layers it is removed from the magical scatter winder and placed on an assembly alter. This alter is specially made from the heartwood of a pinion tree that grew in the Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona Arizona. The magnetically charged ions in this wood helps add to the mojo of the alnico. This is also where the hook up wires are attached and final assembly is done. We disassemble many, many old radios for the classic old wire that gave these old beasts their distinctive tone. once we have gathered enough of this ancient wire, we take it to the sacred salvage yard and sell it so we can buy new reliable hookup wires for your magical transducer.

Now that the pickup is assembled, it is prepared to be baptized in heated wax. Before being dunked into the enhanced mixture of waxes from around the world, the pups are blessed by my friend who is a Buddhist monk. He chants over each pup for a specific period of time to ensure many years of good karma is installed within the coils. He then carefully places each pup into the wax to make sure all his good karma was sealed properly into the pickup.

All pups are then play tested to verify that the mojo is getting along properly with the karma. Once this is verified they are sent to their new owners who have been waiting patiently for the creation of their new BG Pups.

All in all I make wonderfully unique sounding pickups that I stand behind 100%. They are made with top quality components and wire and the utmost care and attention to detail is given to every pup I make. I don't just make them, I play them also. You can listen to my music on my "Sounds" page. So it's important to me that each model pup cuts through in a band situation. I hope you'll be playing them soon. Bryan Gunsher BG Pups

And for those of you that just read the first 4 pickups and think that is for real or you are offended, lighten up it's meant as humor. It's called Satire!!!!

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