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1. Q How much is shipping?
    A. Shipping in the USA is a flat $9.00 up to $160.00 in purchased products and $12.00 for any amount from $161.00 to $200.00 and $15.00 for anything above $200.00.

Shipping to Canada via USPS 1st Class Mail is $20.00 up to $200.00 and $23.00 for any amount of products above $200.00

International Shipping via 1st Class Mail is $22.00 up to $200.00 and $25.00 for any amount of products up to $400.00. Above $400.00 shipping is $55.00

2. Q What is the color code for your humbuckers?
    A. My humbuckers are wired with the code below.

North Start (Slug Side) - Red
North Finish (Slug Side) - White
South Start (Screw Side) - Black
South Finish (Screw Side) - Green or green

This is a common wiring that gives you the slug coil split on the bridge and the screw side coil split on the neck. When the split coils are switched on together you get hum canceling.

Humbuckers 4 conductor
White = Hot
Green = Ground
Black & Red = Coil Split  (soldered together)

Bare Shield = Ground

Humbuckers 2 Conductor


White and Bare=Ground

Single Coils

Pure90s, P90s and MM90s


White and Bare=Ground

Strats and Teles



3. Q. What is RWRP?
A. RWRP is Reverse Wind, Reverse Polarity. This means that the middle pickup is wound the opposite direction as the neck and bridge and the magnetic polarity is opposite from the neck and bridge pickups. This provides hum cancelling when using the 2 and 4 switch positions on a 5 way switch.

4.Q. What if I do not like the tone of my new pickup?
A. Please contact me..

5.Q. Can I return my pickup for a refund

A. No I do not offer refunds. if you have an issue with a pickup please contact me. I'll do my best to help.

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