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Brian Mason HellaBucker

Brian Mason HellaBucker


Not for the faint of heart.!!! You wanted fat, you got fat!!
This pickup is a hot rod designed for modern hard rock and metal. Tight, fat chord tones, great for detuning. This pickup has great harmonics and overtones and sustain for days. This pickup has excellent split tones. 

Uses an A5 magnet comes with 4 conductor wire.

The Brian Mason Model offers the same face melting goodness as the classic HellaBucker but with a blacked out finish.

Brian has been playing in front of audiences for 30 years now with an aggressive progressive meets bluesy style. Always one to find bands that get him out of his comfort zone in order to keep learning and progressing as a player.
Brian’s current bands are Sulaco (Progressive Grind Metal on Translation Loss Records), Contrarian (Progressive Death Metal on Willowtip Records) and CHRMR (Heavy 90’s style Indie Metal).
Each project is completely different, but all require the power and cut that the BG Hellabucker bridge pickup delivers and Brian has been using the Hellabucker for nearly 15 years now. From low gain tones to monstrous high gain shred for rhythm and leads, The BG Hellabucker gives Brian all he needs with its tamed, but punchy highs, present mids and tight low-end.  Split the coils and it’s instant Strat-like tones. With a BG Bucker in the neck position, it’s the perfect mix.

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